Davison Hardwood Quality Specialists was founded in 1987 by Joseph D. Davison, Jr. and incorporated as Davison H.Q.S., Inc. in 1991. As of 2021 Melvin Frey has taken ownership of the business and continues to provide quality logs and lumber to producers.

Davison H.Q.S., Inc.

Davison H.Q.S., Inc, a hardwood log dealership. We are buyers of veneer quality hardwood logs. As a hardwood dealership our goal is to provide producers with the highest quality veneer and saw logs.

Located in the Heartland of Indiana we are able to provide our customers with hardwood logs from the rich resources of Indiana hardwood timber and surrounding states. While the majority of our logs are processed in domestic mills through out the United States, the finished products are used world wide.

Joseph D. Davison, Jr. Sole Proprietorship aka Davison Hardwood Quality Specialists

As a lover of fine wood craftsmanship Joseph D. Davison Jr, Sole Proprietorship (Davison Hardwood Quality Specialists) offers a variety of kiln dried and air dried lumber available. Our lumber inventory has been produced through the selection of logs with special characteristic or qualities. These specially selected logs create unique lumber perfect for woodworkers and cabinet makers.

Davison HQS staff will be available to sell lumber during regular business hours.  To best serve you please call ahead to schedule an appointment regarding lumber.  Call the office at (812) 829-4108.

Hours of Operation

Yard & Office: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Closed daily from 12-1 for lunch